01 September 2006

Cisco? Zyxel? D-link? Linksys!

I have to say that I am really impressed with Linksys hardware. Cisco might have some of the best wifi routers but Linksys really impressed me, specially when it comes to price. I have bought another WRT54GL and installed DD-WRT firmware. Linksys is famous for it's linux software within routers, so you can install customized (and almost always more useful) firmware instead default one.

You want great network and you are on budget? No problem with Linksys. Our network:

WRT54G v5 - main access point with WPA encrypted wifi network
WRT54GL v1.1 - wireless client bridge connected to WRT54G
RV042 - main router, both SDSL and ADSL line are connected thru this router

Ok so what's the point of this article? We are moving part of the office to another building (which is about 20 meters from ours) and I didn't want to use wired connection outside the buidings (scary stories about lightings and burned computers). Server and SDSL/ADSL routers are moving to another building but network printer and one computer which were connected to router have to stay on their current places. I was googling for a while and havent found much information. Then somebody recommended me DD-WRT firmware for Linksys, I gave it a go. DD-WRT can do magic things, for me most important is that I can switch WRT54GL from Access Point to Client or Client Bridge and connect do WRT54G like it was normal wired router.

Great tutorial how to do it is here : http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/DD-WRT_Docu_%28EN%29

For about £150 I have great router (RV042) with failover, 50 VPN gates; access point (WRT54G v5 with original firmware) and wireless bridge (WRT54GL with DD-WRT) and working network within two buildings.

16 August 2006

First picture from Sardinia

We have been to Sardinia for 12 days two weeks ago and it WAS just amazing. If you are looking for photographic paradise this must be one your options. We made 1100km during 12 days and every day we've seen something different. If you want to shoot beaches and sea then Sardinia must be your number one. You will find best and cleanest beaches over there, certainly better than any beach in Spain and continental Italy. People are lovely and I was not afraid to keep my Pentax *istDS + lenses + my bag with photo equipment on beach whilst we did snorkel 100 meters or more from our things.

We have been to south of Sardinia (very close to Cagliari in village called Pula) with plenty of beaches close to our B&B. My favourite has to be Chia, you will find a lot of beaches over there. With car it took us only 20 minutes to get there. I would certainly recommend trip to St. Pietro island. You have to drive there for hour and half but it's absolutely worth it. If you love snokerling you will find real gem over there. I will post pictures from over there, it was just wonderful (well for my wife it was quite scary, you know a LOT of fishes and other underwater life).

That's it for now. I will upload my pictures to my Picassa gallery here.

Ok, that's it for now. I will post a lot of pictures from Sardinia.

Here we go.

Yes. It took me while but I have decided to have my own blog as well. And the reason? Well i'll do it for fun and I'll do it because I dont have time to finish my own CMS. So until I do I will use blogger.

What can you expect from this blog? A lot of Pentax related articles, recently I have bought quite a lot M42 lenses and I will write short review of every lens I have and I buy.

So that's for now. BTW first lens to review will be Pentacon 29mm f2.8 which I really like and which did cost me £10!