24 March 2011

Cloudns.net DNS management service - experience

I have been using paid version of this service for some time and I think I have enough information and experience with the service to describe it to others. Some facts:

  • free or paid version
  • paid version is very cheap
  • it is not anycast (go and try godaddy.com)
I dont know whether to start with good or bad. So I guess I'll start with bad things:
  • Seems to be popular target for DDoS attacks, so far there was one 12 hour failure (sometime between Christmas and New Year's Eve)
  • Very slow to respond to any questions or suggestions
  • Main NS1 machine is the same one as API/web control panel machine
  • It doesnt have templates (yet, but not showstopper as you can copy records mega quickly. see good things.).
50/50 things:
  • because they are slow to respond you just hope there is no technical problem. they have 4 servers on quick lines so intodns.com is really giving good results with cloudns.net. if all works (which it does most of the time)
  • stability? it seems like small company or clever individual effort, so dont know what happens if something happens? They seem to be improving constantly so for now I have all domain with them. I just exported all records into bind back files and if something happens I will be back in no time with other provider. I have also 5th nameserver which is mine which mirrors all records.
Good things:
  • It is cheap, mega cheap for that service 
  • It has 4 independent nameservers
  • You can create vanity servers
  • You can easily import existing bind zones
  • You can see live statistics for your domain
  • You can specify all sorts of settings (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX,  TXT, NS, SRV, web redirects)
  • It is fast (if it isnt under DDoS attack). Working with control panel is approximately 1000x quicker than Godaddy.com control panel. You can easily copy all required records between domains, it is really fast and quick.
  • You can create Cloud domains. Basically you create one domain and all records and if you have other domains with exactly same settings you just put them into domain cloud and they all work immediately with same records.
I hope this helps you with potential dns hosting selection. There are more services online but I am quite happy with cloudns.net. I have been using them since december 2010 and so far they had 3 ddos attacks I am aware of. The first one was really bad but it seems that they learnt good deal about how to secure their servers and other attacks were problems free and all worked well (except control panel, but zones were working correctly)

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