24 March 2011

Top 3 online DNS testing tools

Here is my list of favorite DNS testing tools:"

  1. IntoDNS (www.intodns.com)
    Completely free and really sophisticated information about you domain name. 
  2. DNS Check (http://dnscheck.iis.se/)
    Also very good tool but not as sophisticated as IntoDNS
  3. How is my DNS? (http://www.howismydns.com/tools.php)
    Not my preferred tool but I always use it to cross-check results with previous two tools.
All mentioned tools are free and without any subscription payments or so.

If I had to pick one paid tools I would definitely go with this one:

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Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing the list of tools
Comparing to other online tools, I found a tool DNS Propagation Checker , with over 100+ Pubic DNS Servers available to check the live propagation results. More tools include NS record check, MX record check, Domain DNS health check, and many more. Sharing this tool, with the hope that the user has more detailed propagation results.