21 June 2011

Cloudns.net down again - DDoS attack again?

Few questions first:

  1. Who hates Cloudns.net so much that every week or two they are under DDoS attack? 
  2. Who have resources for such attack every time and repeat it so often?
  3. How is it possible that of 5 servers at least 3 or more can be down?
And now stats from Icinga, it will tell you more than just words:



And now the main problem: With one server running there is a good chance your websites and emails will work fine BUT if you do any change to domain settings they will not synchronize correctly and you will have DNS zones split. Just try http://www.intodns.com.

This makes this service unusable, really. 

This is not the first time this happened, nor it will be last. People (or maybe one person) from Cloudns.net dont have enough skills, or money, or time, or all to make this service 100%. I guess it is money first, for such a price (free or really cheap money for premium) they cant have loadbalancers, firewalls and technology to stop DDoS. And someone really hates them. Other Nameserver provider? Make your own guess.

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