17 September 2011

New ElasticHosts beta control dashboard

ElasticHosts have released beta version of their new control dashboard. I have to say it is really good and many things I did not like before have improved.

This is quick comparison how the old and new dashboard looks.

You can immediately see that the new dashboard is much better optimized, virtual drives are put next to the actual machine and the space is used more effectively.

What the new beta dashboard brings is much better work with AJAX. You can change you VNC password on the fly, without need to switch off machine and then switch it on. Just click on VNC password box and put the password to active VNC or leave it empty to disable VNC service.

The same AJAX functionality work with static IP addresses. Whilst in old dashboard you had to email EH to setup reverse DNS records in you you can do it on your own:

Finally, server configuration screen is now a lot better, it is clean and easy to understand:

as compared to: 

Overall, I think people at ElasticHosts have done great job and I am glad to see EH to try to improve all the time. 

Finally, don't forget you can try EH free for 5 days. And if you decide to use their services long term and you found this blog to be useful you can mention my name to them. Maybe they will give me some free credit to do more testings. 

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