21 June 2011

ElasticHosts - weekly update and first SLA refund

First of all I'd like to show you last weeks EH availability graphs:



As you can see last 7 days it has been 100% working and functional. That's exactly the reason why I have chosen EH as our IaaS provider.

There are couple of things:

  1. 22 minutes downtime 2 weeks ago have been refunded under SLA (We got around 6 pounds of credit for 22 minutes). They had problem with faulty switch and problems were 4x 5 minute periods. 
  2. Be carefull when you create new VM, problem with their current control panel (which I honestly dont like, it might behave pretty but it is not very usable) is that it will allow you to create machine even if you dont have enough free resources. I made mistake when creating 3rd machine (debian) which I wanted to have only 500mhz cpu and 256 ram. I forgot to change sliders and kept default 2000mhz and 1024 ram and it  created this machine although I did not have enough free resources on my account.

    Immediately I got email that I need to increase my credit or in few hours all machine would be switched off. This is not good behaviour, by mistake I created unwanted machine and it immediately charged me. If I did not have SLA credit from EH on our account I would probably disabled all our machines by mistake. Not good.
That's all for now, if you want to have a good try free trial here.

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