17 September 2011

Cloudns.net service availability update

It has been long time since last Cloudns.net service availability update. So here you go, these are Icinga statistics for last 31 days for all Cloudns.net DNS servers:

DNS-cloudns-ns1100.000% (100.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-ns296.517% (96.517%)3.483% (3.483%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-ns399.927% (99.927%)0.073% (0.073%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-ns4100.000% (100.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-pns199.952% (99.952%)0.048% (0.048%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-pns2100.000% (100.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%
DNS-cloudns-pns3100.000% (100.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000% (0.000%)0.000%

I hope that helps you with the decision whether to use or not Cloudns.net and whether to go with free servers or pay small additional fee for premium servers.

I have to say, I think they improved their service massively. We shall see how it goes in future.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the statistics. :)
I also use Cloudns, but at this moment basically for personal uses only. Haven't use it for business stuff, since I heard too many issue on the past months.
Well, let's see how Cloudns in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

i have already transferred most of my domains to cloudns.net on premium account. i found the service to be on acceptable level since none of my domains faced down time.`

Unknown said...

Since they created premium DNS servers and moved web admin panel to different machine situation improved rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Still using Cloudns or find something better?

Laura Bush said...

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